Walpole Center For The Aging

Multipurpose Room AV System

This shows the entire room but you can see where the room can be divided into two smaller rooms. One with just the display ( for movie night) and the other one (which is larger) and can host meetings , entertainment nights , and more.

This AV installation includes a crystal-clear 80 inch display, multi-source speaker system with speakers on wall. The podium and rack with wireless microphone system allows for various types of presentations, both spoken and music.

Centralized control through an intuitive touch panel screen takes care of audio, mute functions, and speakers . Additionally meetings can be recorded with the cameras that are on the wall and then those meetings can be broadcast to the local cable TV station.

Over a number of years N.E.D.I has designed, installed and maintained many of our room systems. Along with being customer focused, the staff is knowledgeable, professional and reliable.


NEDI was knowledgeable, took the time to understand our needs, worked with us to integrate our existing equipment with the new pieces, arrived to begin the project when they promised, completed the project when promised, and returned on two occasions to help with questions. They did all of this with no change orders. Through it all they were friendly and professional. Very easy company to work with. Very responsive.

Boston University Medical Campus

Thank you very much for your diligence in resolving a multitude of issues in this room.

Avid Technology

Thanks for your hard work and flexibility in meeting our deadlines. Our faculty and students have been very happy. It was a pleasure working with each of you.

Eastern Nazarene College

Everyone loves it! We have gotten many thanks for finally updating the system.

Tilton School

You guys did a great job!

Town Of Walpole

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