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Boston University School of Medicine

NEDI provides design, installation, technical support, and on- site services to the medical school and its affiliated medical hospital. Recent projects include conventional classroom upgrades, along with completion of a renovation to a large auditorium classroom and conference room.

Auditorium Classroom

This was a new system installed into a renovated space. A Crestron DMPS switcher/control processor was installed to provide a complete digital video solution and a wall mounted Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera. A wall mounted Crestron button panel was installed to provide a single point of control for all equipment in the room and room automation. A touchscreen monitor and in-room PC were mounted to a new podium. HDMI and VGA connections were added at the podium for portable devices. Video and audio outputs were provided for a university supplied Echo 360 lecture capture appliance used as an audio only streaming/recording solution.

Classroom 1

An existing analog system was becoming unreliable, requiring frequent service calls. All video related equipment was replaced with new upgraded digital hardware. Additionally, a Panasonic lampless laser/LED hybrid projector (with up to 2000 hours lamp life), and a wall mounted Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera were installed. A Crestron DMPS switcher/control processor was installed to achieve an all digital system solution with outputs to support a Echo 360 lecture capture appliance solution provided by the University. A touchscreen monitor was flush mounted into a podium to be used with the University supplied room computer. HDMI and VGA connections were provided at the podium for portable computer hookups when needed. A seven inch (7”) Crestron touchpanel was installed to provide a single point of control for all equipment in the room and allow for automation of equipment.

Conference Room 1

​This is a recently renovated meeting space with no existing audio visual equipment. The client requested presentation capabilities as well as in-room audio-conferencing. NEDI was asked to design and install the room system. A Panasonic projector with a laser/LED hybrid light source (up to 2000 lamp hours) was installed to project onto a new ceiling recessed electric projection screen. Because the tables in this room are not fixed, a ceiling mounted Clearone beam forming microphone array was installed into the ceiling allowing audio to be picked up from anywhere in the room, and allowing anyone in the room to participate in an audio conference. A wall mounted seven inch (7”) Crestron touchpanel was installed to allow for room automation. The touch panel controls the audio conferencing system as well. All video switching and control is done via a Crestron DMPS video switcher/room controller.

Over a number of years N.E.D.I has designed, installed and maintained many of our room systems. Along with being customer focused, the staff is knowledgeable, professional and reliable.


NEDI was knowledgeable, took the time to understand our needs, worked with us to integrate our existing equipment with the new pieces, arrived to begin the project when they promised, completed the project when promised, and returned on two occasions to help with questions. They did all of this with no change orders. Through it all they were friendly and professional. Very easy company to work with. Very responsive.

Boston University Medical Campus

Thank you very much for your diligence in resolving a multitude of issues in this room.

Avid Technology

Thanks for your hard work and flexibility in meeting our deadlines. Our faculty and students have been very happy. It was a pleasure working with each of you.

Eastern Nazarene College

Everyone loves it! We have gotten many thanks for finally updating the system.

Tilton School

You guys did a great job!

Town Of Walpole

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