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Grammy Room

Grammy Room

This large conference room was an existing system with four (4) edge blended projectors mounted in a rear projection room. Reliability and the cost of replacing lamps constantly in this room drove a need to simplify the system and make it more economical to run.

All four projectors were removed and replaced with a single wide throw Panasonic lampless laser/LED hybrid projector. The Crestron control system was reprogrammed to make using the system less intimidating for a typical user to come into the room and host a meeting or presentation.

Since this installation, NEDI has provided consultation and break/fix services for several of the other rooms within the complex. Audio and sound issues have been resolved the user experience in these other rooms as improved greatly according to AVID.

Thanks for your hard work and flexibility in meeting our deadlines. Our faculty and students have been very happy. It was a pleasure working with each of you.

Eastern Nazarene College

Everyone loves it! We have gotten many thanks for finally updating the system.

Tilton School

You guys did a great job!

Town Of Walpole

Thank you very much for your diligence in resolving a multitude of issues in this room.

Avid Technology

Over a number of years N.E.D.I has designed, installed and maintained many of our room systems. Along with being customer focused, the staff is knowledgeable, professional and reliable.


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